News API is a simple HTTP REST API for searching and retrieving live articles from all over the web. It can help you answer questions like:

  • What top stories is TechCrunch running right now?
  • What new articles were published about the next iPhone today?
  • Has my company or product been mentioned or reviewed by any blogs recently?

You can search for articles with any combination of the following criteria:

  • Keyword or phrase. Eg: find all articles containing the word ‘Microsoft’.
  • Date published. Eg: find all articles published yesterday.
  • Source name. Eg: find all articles by ‘TechCrunch’.
  • Source domain name. Eg: find all articles published on
  • Language. Eg: find all articles written in English.

You can sort the results in the following orders:

  • Date published
  • Relevancy to search keyword
  • Popularity of source

You need an API key to use the API – this is a unique key that identifies your requests. They’re free for development, open-source, and non-commercial use. You can get one here: get API key.